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Pet Health Travel Certificates


Going abroad with your dog or cat?

Dr. John Credaroli is USDA certified and ready to help get you and your furry friend to your destination of choice!

We’re one of the only veterinarians in the area accredited with getting you and your pet where you need to go, safe and sound. We provide USDA Travel Certificates for you and your companion.

We recommend that you do your research in advance, as there are many rules and regulations for bringing your furry friend along with you. Many places have waiting periods and strict protocols that need to be done in order or they will not allow your pet to enter the country you are traveling to.

Gather the below information and we’ll help get you squared away:

  • Type of animal traveling

  • Destination country

  • Date of departure from the United States

  • Whether or not the pet will be traveling alone, as cargo, or with a person in the cabin of the plane

To learn more about domestic and/or international travel with pets, please visit the USDA website.